Host Club — OFC

FIAT on the Forks

The Details

September 11th in Calendon.

With over 30 cars and more than 60 participants last year, we’re excited to announce the 6th annual FIAT on the Forks.

This historic and beautiful drive takes place on the Forks of the Credit Road, where we’ll begin by going east of Hwy 10, curving across the Devil’s Pulpit escarpment, and crossing the Credit River.

The road climbs and dips along hilly corners, following a proper hairpin, before smoothing out for our arrival in the village of Belfountain.

Afterwards, we’ll continue up through picturesque Hockley Valley Road, stopping for a patio-lunch at Villa Caledon Inn. 

This is truly a unique and dynamic drive, we hope to see you there! And keep your eyes open for OPP.

Reserved parking for lunch will be offered, and details about the event will be sent to members closer to the date.

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Event Posters

Limited-edition, custom posters that celebrate and showcase the event. Available for purchase at FIAT on the Forks.