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The Ontario FIAT Club is new, founded in the summer of 2014 by a group of core FIAT enthusiast.  Since then we have quickly grown to become the largest and most active FIAT club in Ontario.  We are a premier non-profit, volunteer club of FIAT owners and fellow Italian car enthusiasts. We are a dedicated community, united by a common interest in FIATs and all its related Italian automobiles, vintage and new.  Our objective is simple, provide a place for like minded people to enjoy and share experiences of driving, getting together and owning FIAT based Italian autos, with a full complement of activities and events.  Our strength lies within our membership, which is open to anyone interested in the FIAT marquee and its related Italian autos and our ability to partner with fellow, like minded clubs and groups.  We reach out to other like minded FIAT and Italian car clubs to build mutual relationships and events.


If you enjoy visiting this web site and own a FIAT or another related Italian classic, we would love to have you as an Ontario FIAT Club member.  We invite you to join us by clicking on the “Join the Club” button and register. We will contact you shortly after.  Full membership, with all its benefits is just $30.00/year.  Then come on out, participate in our many events and learn from your fellow enthusiasts.


You own a FIAT and your thinking about joining and/or you don't own a FIAT, but have lots of enthusiasm for the marquee, well you can still join in on the fun.  In fact we encourage people to subscribe before they buy a vehicle, to seek advice from our experts, which could save you time and money.  Sign up for our E-mail notices to the members regarding up-coming events, meeting reminders, and other time critical notices.  We are a friendly club with a mixture of events, appealing to all those interested in FIATs and Italian cars.  We invite you to visit us at one of our events.  We look forward to meeting those of you who have a common love for Italian cars.  You will not be disappointed. You may even find you want to “Join the Club”

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact us at the e-mail below.